Inventing the Future Beholden to the Present (a review)

Srnicek & Williams “Inventing the Future” made quite a stir when it was released, as did their Accelerationist manifesto. As usual, when I hear such excitement I am concerned, concerned that a lot of people are getting sidetracked by glamourous, new-sounding formulations, away from the very urgent work at hand, which is to understand, confront […]

structural challenges to technological emancipation (1/3)

structural challenges to technological emancipation: socially necessary discipline The interplay between discipline and freedom, how the former generates the latter and the latter requires the former has been a critical dilemma since the beginning of civilization. Without going into the rich philosophical literature on the question of freedom, I would like to outline two paradigmatic […] Saturday, monochrom and Telekommunisten are hosting DISMALWARE2 at Supermarkt Berlin, we will be screeing the movie DIE GSTETTENSAGA: THE RISE OF ECHSENFRIEDL, here is a guest post from Bonni Rambatan about the movie DIE GSTETTENSAGA: THE RISE OF ECHSENFRIEDL Bonni Rambatan (Contains movie spoilers.) If the film is the defining medium of the 20th […]

The Internet is not a Surveillance State…

In his March 16, 2013 opinion column on, Bruce Schneier called the Internet a “surveillance state”. In the piece, Schneier complains that the Internet now serves as a platform which enables massive and pervasive surveillance by the State.  State sponsored and ordained surveillance, however, is not synonymous with the Internet.  Schneier’s use of the […]

#R15N, The Official Miscommunication Platform of @transmediale 2012

HTTP://R15N.NET The Revolutionization of Communication   A delegation from Transmediale 2012 [1] came over to my place last night to discuss the latest Telekommunisten artwork, R15N [2].  In addition to various organizational and technical details that we need to work out in preparation for the not-to-be-missed upcoming Transmediale, we talked about the artistic qualities of R15N and the Miscommunication Technologies […]