DiEM25 needs to declare international solidarity

The defiant optimism and energy behind the DiEM25 initiative is flagging due to uninspiring and unrealistic goals.  To help counter this tendency, DiEM25 must contend with and reject an implicit Euro-chauvenism in its program.  Prosperity, solidarity and security in Europe can not come at the expense of exploitation and unacceptable living and working conditions in the productive […]

Digital Materiality: Supermodern Digital Materialism

The materiality of digital devices is strictly disciplinary down to the chemical level of electronic transmission[1], from sensors to memory to processors to pixels. Microscopic views of computational circuitry reveal that digital data is reproduced in perfect nano-Taylorist robot factories, row after row of infinitesimal, ultra-specialized machines doing the same thing over and over according […]

Concatenated Oikoi: Human Nature and the Anthropocene

There is no ecology without economy. Marshall McLuhan famously quipped “When Sputnik went around the planet in 1957 the earth became enclosed in a man-made environment and became thereby an “art” form.”[1] McLuhan pleaded for an ecology among the media that would save literacy. [2] “For the first time the natural world was completely enclosed […]

Digital Materiality: Anthropomorphism & Political Economy

By now we have (in the previous articles in this series) seen that digital data is neither immaterial nor identically reproducible. Every instance of every bit of digital data is materially unique in time and space. However despite the fact that all digital data is in principle “knowable”, since it is produced by human activities, […]