Trolley Problem Materialism

before we discuss the trolley problem
we need to find out what happened to the brakes
for no-one builds a trolley without brakes
but if the brakes were not working
we need to find out why
was it sabotage?
worker action?
were the brakes just poorly made?
and if so, why?
or the brakes were not maintained properly?
what kind of trolley company lets a trolley which has not been adequately inspected out on the tracks ?

perhaps the driver was drunk or incapacitated
but why?
are the work conditions too bad?
or living conditions too stressful?
what kind of driver would drive a potentially lethal trolley incapacitated?
needs the money too badly?
afraid to lose the job?

before we discuss the trolley problem,
we need to discuss the brakes problem,
if the brakes have failed, what happened?
how were they made? under what conditions?
how were they maintained? under what regime?

the brakes work paradigmatically
for every tech catastrophe
first try to solve the brakes quandary
to worry about a speeding trolley.


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… and then there is the track problem…