Saturday, monochrom and Telekommunisten are hosting DISMALWARE2 at Supermarkt Berlin, we will be screeing the movie DIE GSTETTENSAGA: THE RISE OF ECHSENFRIEDL, here is a guest post from Bonni Rambatan about the movie DIE GSTETTENSAGA: THE RISE OF ECHSENFRIEDL Bonni Rambatan (Contains movie spoilers.) If the film is the defining medium of the 20th […]


The right to a name is a fundamental right. Without a name you do not exist on the network. NAMES CAN NOT REMAIN CONTROLLED BY A RUTHLESS COMMERCIAL OLIGARCHY. END THE NAME TAX. THE INTERNET NAMING OLIGARCHY HAS NO RIGHT TO EXTORT NAME HOLDERS When a name is lost, communities and individuals can cease to […]


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THE SERVER IS THE MASTER. THE WEB IS A TRAP. YOUR BLOOD IS BEING SUCKED DRY BY THE CONSCIOUSNESS INDUSTRY! THE WEB SERVER DOES NOT SERVE YOU. IT ENTRAPS YOU. As the web has been transmogrified by capitalist enclosure into a social tar baby, a honey pot for attracting communities and families into apparent sharing. […]


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THESE ARE INCREASINGLY RADICAL TIMES. WHISTLEBLOWERS AND LEAKS. HACKERS AND RIOTERS. PUNDITS AND PROTESTERS. ALL CALL FOR SOMETHING TO BE DONE. “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways—the point however is to change it”? Now is the time to do it. Now is the time for the NUMBERS COMMUNITY. On the network, […]

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Workshop at 4pm Today, Hall 13. #SeidenStrasse, #30c3, @telekommunisten, #OCTO++

Telekommunisten Workshop at 4pm Today, Dec 28th at 30c3 Join us for an open discussion about Tekommunisten, Octo, SeidenStrasse, etc. – Recordings from Day 1 Presentation, with *m, Frank, Jeff Mann and Diani Barreto – – The event is in Hall 13, all welcome. – –

The Many Tentacles of Octo P7C-1 at @transmediale #BWPWAP

Though Telekommunisten has been a participant in transmediale in some capacity for several years now, this year, as a partner of the festival, was by far our largest involvement to date. The Octo P7C-1 installation, was not only loud, active and physically huge, occupying the entire building with about a kilometer of tubing, 8 end […]

Today: Octo stakeholder debriefing /// stammtisch

Octavia Allende Friedman has left Berlin, jettsetting on, where to? Hong Kong? Milan? Havana? Perhaps only her personal biographer knows for sure. Meanwhile, members of the Telekommunisten network will be present as usual, at Cafe Buchhandlung, to greet one and all and raise a drink to a successful launch of Octo P7C-1 at transmediale. Many […]

TODAY: Octo Investors Meet & Greet at Cafe Buchhandlung /// Erzatz Stammtisch

This evening we’re having a informal Meet & Greet for Octo Investors and members of the Telekommunisten Network, if you’re an Octo investor or thinking of becoming one, come by and have a drink and chat with us. psychomedia analyst DJ Podinski of XLTerestrials will provide musical entertainment along with a special performance of three Yidish […]

Debt As A Public Good, Berlin #BeautifulTrouble Book Launch w/ @AndrewBoyd & @Info_Activism // Attn @BTroublemakers

This Thursday, Andrew Boyd{1} will be in town for the Berlin launch of Beautiful Trouble{2}, something of an “An encyclopedia for creative activism” as described by Sandra Cuff, of the Vancouver Media Co-op. As a contributor, I will join Andrew for the launch. Please come and join us. My contributions to the book where on […]