Paragora 1st edition


paragora, our little symposium for ideas and their aesthetics, cultivating hybrid cultural forms which can encourage, nurture and help sustain heterodox communisms.



What do the futures of work, play and life look like through the eyes of the people who will produce them? How do our quantified lives unfold? paragora looks at how we make sense of our lives within civilizations increasingly governed through measurement and automation procedures. How to carve out realms of autonomous practices there?

We live in societies and economies defined by a global competitive drive for constant, algorithm-guided optimisation. However, it is important to emphasize that this competition is driven by and, in turn, drives globalized conventional industry and thus conventional economic concerns. What are the underlying motivational structures that propel our hard work and play participation in the networks, away from concern about how these networks are produced, reproduced and maintained on a daily basis? How do we cultivate cultural forms which can foster and sustain long-term commitment to social and economic justice?

paragora presents resolute and concerned thinking, artistic responses and earnest discussion on processes of gamification, quantification, ubiquitous networking and algorithmic control. Through digital and electronic means, the distinction between work, leisure and other realms of social being are becoming increasingly indistinguishable.

paragora, beside the market, welcomes you to engage with a broad and pluridisciplinary assortment of people, presentations, disciplines and events, as we encounter the material realities underlying the hopes and despair of current conditions.



Sunday, Feb 1, 7-10pm opening concert with Henry Warwick & Markus Reuter

Monday Feb. 2 7pm Keynote with Cornelia Sollfrank!

Tuesday Feb 3 3-7pm Digital Materialty Discussion Group with Dmytri Kleiner & Baruch Gottlieb

Tuesday 9pm Stammtisch!

Wednesday Feb 4 4-7pm Marx-Engels Werkschau

Wednesday Feb 4 7-11pm Womens’ Cryptodinner

Thursday Feb. 5 3-6pm Feuerbach Reading Group with Baruch Gottlieb

Thursday Feb. 5 8-10pm Startie!

♥ The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlifegoddess Group (Stephanie Ballantine & Mikala Hyldig Dal),
♥ “Jean-Pierre der Matrose” by Jofe D’mahl,
♥ MCLOL by Dmytri Kleiner
♥ the duo ‘read & delete’, radical philosophy of non-thinking with live music and visuals

Friday Feb 6 4-7pm Schelling Reading Group with Yuk Hui & Louis Morelle

Friday Feb 6 7-11:30pm Cryptoparty!

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