a heavy heaving freedom

This world of high technologies is positively breath-taking, dizzying, ecstatic. The birth of the machine for work was the birth of the machine for pleasure. The freedom we taste is contingent on a very regimented and domesticated environment. The freedom of the bungee jumper is contingent on the perfectly functioning textiles technology in the bungee […]


THESE ARE INCREASINGLY RADICAL TIMES. WHISTLEBLOWERS AND LEAKS. HACKERS AND RIOTERS. PUNDITS AND PROTESTERS. ALL CALL FOR SOMETHING TO BE DONE. “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways—the point however is to change it”? Now is the time to do it. Now is the time for the NUMBERS COMMUNITY. On the network, […]


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check your preferences for “a hellhole dystopia”

Julian Assange, in his skyped-in address at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress a few days ago used the phrase “a hellhole dystopia” to refer to the current security state, and also to the situation he finds himself in at the dawn of 2014. Julian exhorted the system administrators of the world to discover their class […]

Workshop at 4pm Today, Hall 13. #SeidenStrasse, #30c3, @telekommunisten, #OCTO++

Telekommunisten Workshop at 4pm Today, Dec 28th at 30c3 Join us for an open discussion about Tekommunisten, Octo, SeidenStrasse, etc. – http://is.gd/telekommunisten30c3 Recordings from Day 1 Presentation, with *m, Frank, Jeff Mann and Diani Barreto – http://is.gd/seidenstrassemp430c31 – http://is.gd/seidenstrassemp430c32T The event is in Hall 13, all welcome. – https://events.ccc.de/congress/2013/wiki/Session:Telekommunisten_-_workshop_on_techniques_for_social_outcomes – https://events.ccc.de/congress/2013/wiki/Room:Hall_13

While “enjoying” the High Media Theater

…a corollary to Dmytri’s post today Public pressure to demand legislative reforms is the conventionally condoned response to government overreach in democratic countries. Governments are thus naturally always positioned against the accumulation of such pressure. Throughout history they have honed various means to carefully channel and disrupt the coalescence of public outrage. A superb tactic […]

State Capitalism in the Information Age

On March 27th, 2013,  I published a response to Bruce Schneier’s CNN article which started out by criticising the conflation of Internet and State in its title (“The Internet is a surveillance State”). Bruce Schneier has for several years been one of the most insightful commentators on online security, however we, at telekommunisten, were struck […]

The Many Tentacles of Octo P7C-1 at @transmediale #BWPWAP

Though Telekommunisten has been a participant in transmediale in some capacity for several years now, this year, as a partner of the festival, was by far our largest involvement to date. The Octo P7C-1 installation, was not only loud, active and physically huge, occupying the entire building with about a kilometer of tubing, 8 end […]

Today: Octo stakeholder debriefing /// stammtisch

Octavia Allende Friedman has left Berlin, jettsetting on, where to? Hong Kong? Milan? Havana? Perhaps only her personal biographer knows for sure. Meanwhile, members of the Telekommunisten network will be present as usual, at Cafe Buchhandlung, to greet one and all and raise a drink to a successful launch of Octo P7C-1 at transmediale. Many […]