Radical Openness and #LiWoLi 2012

Tomorrow I head to Linz, Austria to participate in LiWoLi 2012. LiWoLi: 24-26 May 2012Location: I/O Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse, Linz, Austria LiWoLi is a community festival, open lab and annual meeting spot for artists, educators and developers using and creating Free Software (FLOSS), Open Hardware and Open Design in the artistic and cultural context. This event […]

Commercialization makes your online rights irrelevant, more thoughts from my talk with @ioerror at #rp12

Last week I wrote about one of the topics Jacob Appelbaum and I discussed at our talk at Re:publica 2012 {1}; that as a result of the commercialization of the Internet, we have moved from free and open social platform, to the centralized social media monopolies we know today. Today I want to mention another […]

Revolutionary Flows of Value in the Macroeconomy

  In continuation from the last two essays looking at the macroeconomics  of class struggle (#1)  (#2) we will try to describe the process of revolution within the framework as developed so far. The old acrimonious accusations between so-called “Reformist” and so-called “Revolutionary” positions are counter productive. The reformist strives to improve certain conditions within […]

It’s the Macroeconomy, Stupid. To understand neoliberal policy you need to look at the structure, not the level of wealth.

Illustration: Jonas Frankki I’ve been thinking a lot recently about macroeconomic identities. An accounting identity is an equality that must be true, no matter what the values of its variables are. Macroeconomics has many such identities. For instance, Y = P + W. Meaning total income (Y) is equal to profits (P) plus wages (W). As […]

The Tedious Tax Payers’ Lament

Can we please stop crying about “Our Tax Payers’ Money?” Far too often when reading a perhaps otherwise interesting essay, this horrible argument is made. Whatever the governments’ wrong doing e.g: police violence against protesters, or military adventures abroad, along comes the lament of how can they do this with our tax dollars? Whether it’s […]